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ꊿꌈꌅ ꂵ꒐ꈜꈜ꒐ꊿꃔ

Our crew is driven by the need to spread powerful and never before seen visuals across the planet ꃳꂵ-ꍌꁲꊿꀨꎨ (aka "Earth").

We desire to study and understand what it means to be human, and to translate those theories into meaningful and entertaining stories.

Our visuals are dedicated to highlighting the natural beauty of the planet as to inspire those living there to appreciate and conserve their world.


We paint with pixels to evoke a cosmic range of emotions. These paintings do not require consistency in style but consistency of newness.

Additionally, we seek to spotlight the hidden gems of the planet's art world, creating work that exposes incredible talents that often go unnoticed.


Join us on our journey to create a world where the visually extraordinary becomes ordinary.

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